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Middle East outdoor specialist underpins strategy with shopper insight science

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When Adventure HQ, a leading outdoor specialist in the Middle East, wanted to understand the science behind its customer excellence, ShopperTrak was the perfect partner. Our ShopperTrak Analytics Suite has enabled Adventure HQ to monitor footfall trends alongside other key business metrics, delivering data in real-time. As a result, Adventure HQ has been able to validate its core business decisions, increase conversion rates, optimise staffing levels, and become more targeted in its marketing and customer engagement strategy. This innate understanding of shopper behaviour, and how it drives the overall performance of its store estate, will enable Adventure HQ to continue growing its Middle East presence.


Adventure HQ is the ultimate outdoor adventure superstore, proudly born and bred in the Middle East as an initiative of Sharaf Retail. Its stores across Dubai and Abu Dhabi specialise in outdoor adventure equipment for a wide range of land and water activities. To add to its unique appeal, Adventure HQ launched ‘Adventure Zone’, offering visitors the opportunity to experience the outdoor lifestyle indoors, with activities including Climbing Pinnacle, Caving, Zip-lining, Skateboarding, High Ropes and more.

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While Adventure HQ has grown rapidly since its inception in 2011, the company wanted to bring a new level of data insight to the business, in order to strengthen its growth strategy and ensure its uniqueness in the outdoor lifestyle market.

“Our business needed to undergo a massive transformation and we put a lot of ‘business science’ into understanding how to deliver customer excellence,” remarked Shibily Moidy, Adventure HQ’s COO. “We believe that data is knowledge, and that knowledge gives us power. As such, we needed to find a trusted partner that could help us gain more insight into shopper behaviour across our 100K sq. ft. of retail space.”

“We believe that data is knowledge, and that knowledge gives us power.”


Scalability was absolutely critical to Adventure HQ’s choice of traffic insight provider; they needed a partner that understood their vision for the company, and could deliver detailed shopper data in a timely fashion. The ShopperTrak Analytics solution was a natural choice, as it provided Adventure HQ with the global insight they needed to think outside the box. Key to choosing ShopperTrak was the fact that our analytics capabilities could provide key performance indicators at both a macro and micro level; store managers could use real-time data to make effective decisions on a daily basis, while senior level executives could look at operational trends in granular detail. The speed at which ShopperTrak could deliver insights was critical to Adventure HQ’s choice of partner. “Real-time data is really important to us,” remarked Moidy. “We need to see information quickly so that we can maximise the market potential in a highly dynamic market”.

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Almost immediately, Adventure HQ was able to map footfall against other key business metrics – including conversion rates, average transaction values and units per transaction – to analyse performance by time of day, day of the week and week of the month. This revealed some vital insights. For example, although the retailer’s average conversion rate was 21%, at certain times this figure fell to 12-13%. Adventure HQ was able to analyse traffic against metrics such as stock availability and staffing levels, to apply lessons from peak sales times at other points during the week.

Adventure HQ also noticed that conversion rates were lower at some of its stores, which combines retail products with experiential activities. Applying learnings from ShopperTrak’s data has increased average conversions by at least 4% which has a massive impact on both the top line and bottom line. Not only that, Adventure HQ found having access to this data in real-time enabled store staff to react to any dips in performance. “We can be very dynamic throughout the day and tweak our strategy round what is actually happening,” Moidy commented. “We are outperforming other retailers in a declining market.”

The retailer has also been able to measure the impact of its marketing strategy more effectively. For example, it will target campaigns around quieter periods to drive store traffic. Wednesday evenings were found to be quiet, so the retailer introduced a series of in-store talks to deepen customer engagement. In addition to enhancing sales performance, Adventure HQ has utilised traffic insights to inform its operational decision making. Staff breaks are now timetabled outside of busy footfall periods, while senior management encourage store associates to take annual leave during the summer footfall drop in July and August. “We have changed the entire rota structure so that manpower is correlated to footfall,” said Moidy – including moving employees between stores, to optimise the staff to customer ratio at all times.

The ability to pinpoint ebbs and flows in shopper traffic between stores has also nurtured a healthy spirit of competition, and Adventure HQ is using ShopperTrak data to benchmark performance and set store targets.


By partnering with ShopperTrak, Adventure HQ has transformed its business into an organisation where decision making is underpinned by science. As a result, the retailer has the technology platform to validate its future growth strategy – whether choosing to launch more of its own stores, or expand with a franchise model.

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